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DIY Crafts Using Cereal Boxes

Attention crafty people who love DIY activities mixed with a strong portion of upcycling goodness! The creative folks over at Buzzfeed DIY have collected a fantastic list of 31 different things that you can make out of cereal boxes

Some are definitely kid-friendly activities that can keep your family engaged and having fun together on a rainy day or extra-hot summer day. Others require the sort of skill and finesse that mere mortals like myself can only envision in my wildest crafting dreams. 

Check out our favorites:

Courtesy of, this flashlight idea is fantastic.

Creme de la Craft gives us the idea for cool mini notebooks.

At Whimsy Love, you and your kids can learn how to make seed planters for your window or backyard.

Amy J. Delightful shows us how to make photo frame mats with relative ease.

From Cut Out and Keep, you can learn how to make puzzles.

All images courtesy of Buzzfeed.


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